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David Griffiths is an award-winning photographer who has been involved in freelance work for over twenty-seven years.

David used a camera in his own right for the first time aged thirteen (a 127 roll film Kodak Brownie 44a), and subsequently worked his way through miniature (35mm), medium, and large format film cameras, before investing in his first digital equipment in 2004. Front-line equipment in use today is a combination of miniature and medium format digital cameras, dependent on the requirements of the images. In 2013 his work was selected for inclusion in the Lumen Online Gallery.

Today David works more in fine art photography, with a leaning towards creating images that are not literal reproductions of a subject, but something that conveys spirit rather than detail. Photography (drawing with light) is the process that allows those images to become manifest.

"The technology available now allows anyone with at least one good eye - and sometimes not even that - to produce accurate copies of whatever they point a camera at, regardless of skill. True photography reveals the essence of a subject, rather than simply emphasising it’s bald detail. Faithful reproduction is sometimes little more than photo-copying. Photography means "drawing with light", not photo-copying in the click-and-print sense. As a medium, painting almost compels an artist to seek essence rather than just detail, and drawing or painting with light is at its best when it does the same."

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